What is the Media Center?

The Media Center is a total Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform combined with content creation and marketing campaign engine for the mortgage industry. We automate data flow from mortgage companies Loan Origination Systems to the Loan Originators database and create personalized marketing campaigns to prospects, customer and business partners.

We have been simplifying our platform since 1995 and have been web based since 2000. We are now the industry’s most powerful and easiest to use CRM.

The Media Center is subscription based, doing business across the Unites States for thousands of Originators. And we just completed a four-year analysis showing an average annual increase in production of 27 loans for Loan Officers who use our services vs. those who do not.

The “Insanely Simple CRM” Story

Hi my name is Dan Harrington. The idea for the Media Center came to me after 5 years of originating loans the hard way. What I mean by that is I had to recreate the wheel every month. Go out and get more deals. Get them closed. Repeat every month. In other words, my Realtors would come and go. My customers rarely came back. I lost a lot of my prospects before they closed. It was an extremely difficult way to earn a living.

Over the years I tried to market myself so people could find me but it was a losing battle. It was just too hard to get anything out to people on a consistent basis. And remember this was in the days before email, let alone Facebook and Twitter. I became more than a little frustrated, in fact I was ready to quit.

Then it hit me… “I wonder if other LOs are as frustrated as I am?” I worked in a branch of 30 LOs so I asked. All of them were as fed up as me. They were willing to pay for help staying in touch with their Realtors and past clients.

Luckily my former processor had an IT degree. In 1995 we formed “The Media Center” for CTX Mortgage. We began with just a blast fax to Realtors and direct mail to customers. We kept up with technology and got on the Web in 2000. This enabled us to become a true CRM. We could manage databases of prospects, customers and Realtors. LOs could add, edit and delete contacts. Now they could easily look up, call, and keep notes on their contacts. We could also do email campaigns! Wow!

The LOs taught us what worked and didn’t. The most important lesson by far was, no matter what we did, it had to be easy to use. Everything that could be automated was automated. If a loan officer never logged in the system, it still worked. We automated getting closed loan data into the system. All the campaigns were on auto pilot. An LO could literally never log in and be happy to pay us every month. Why? Because they were closing more loans and Realtors were more loyal and referring more loans and more prospects were converting into customers.

We took the Media Center private in 2008: not an easy time for the retail lending industry. We now work with hundreds of companies and thousands of LOs across the nation providing an “Insanely Simple CRM”.

Our promise: We will increase your repeat and refer business as well as your customer satisfaction, and we are 100% compliant, 100% of the time. Promise.